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After several of these build-ups Anne had reached a frenzy of need and lust.
Annes fingers were digging into me and she was urgently imploring me to let her cum as she tried to push my mouth harder down onto her burning pulsing pussy.

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Knowing Anne was now ready I finally took Anne over the edge with repeated rapid flicks of my tongue, rapid side-to-side flicks of my finger and a rolling soft pinching of her left nipple with my right hand Sheila marie interracial blonde
Annes body shuddered and shook and she cried out in ecstasy.

Annes body tensed in spasm after spasm of orgasmic convulsions, shaking and twisting against me as waves of pleasure consumed her.
Im sure she had no idea how much noise she was making as she cried out in passionate female release. Sexyeve19 online indians sex chat without registration
Oh my GOD!! OH GOD… JOHN… OH YES!! OH GOD… Dont stop

Yes, right… Oh god, right there… Yes… YES!! AAHhhhhh ooohhhh god, that feels so goooodddd
Oh John… Anne thrust her hips up and down, coating my face in her secreted juices, as I did my best to keep my flicking tongue in contact with her shifting clitoris.

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