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I sort of lost touch with reality for a few moments, coming back to Earth to the sound of his voice calling my name.
I smiled up at him, wondering why he looked so concerned.
Oh wow, Marie, he murmured, was that your first climax?

The first I ever had from a man, I admitted, omitting mention of what I had enjoyed with a girlfriend, that was incredible.
Will you do that to me every time? He grinned, nodding happily.

Every chance I get, he assured me, are you still sure about making love? Dave, if you even think of leaving me like this, I warned him, I will rip that thing off and take it home to use later Oceanekarla cams live sex mobile
More smiles from him, and he reached over Daddy spanking girl an overdue anal payment to his bedside cabinet.

What are you doing? I asked, curious.
Condom, he explained, we do not Pamela anderson and tommy lee porno want or need pregnancy, not yet anyway.

I didnt argue, we could discuss contraception at a later date, for now, it touched me that he was being so considerate.
He managed to get it on after a few moments, showing he had not had too much experience, although it was still more than I had enjoyed.

Then he was between my open thighs, the tip of his cock nudging gently at the entrance to my honey pot.
I was so wet he slid easily inside me, then stopped.

I moved slowly against it, enjoying the way it filled me, and how every muscle in my pussy seemed to grip him the full length of his erection.
He started moving in and out, and my arousal was growing.
After a while, I pulled his head close to my mouth.

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7 high heel fetish shoes.