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I was done and just as I was getting up she burst in laughingly complaining how long I took.
As she sat down to pee, I pulled up my bikini bottoms and stayed in the bathroom and brushed my hair trying to look as casual about it as possible.

I then went and sat on the huge bed and turned on the TV.
Cindy came out after what seemed to be an eternity.
Facing away from her, I began to change into my nighty.
She quickly grabbed my top from me saying no fair, you cheated me out of my message, its only fair I get the same time.

I laughed and said touché and suggested she get out her my wet things since she was getting the sheets wet Democrat party sucks
She gave me back my top and we both changed.
Her into her nightie Wild orgasm movies, a sexy black Victoria Secrets set and I only had a pair of PJs to change into.

Cindy laughed and for some strange reason I almost began to cry.
I think she sensed it and took out another nice nighty, a red one and said here Rose, try this on
Id like to see how it looks on someone else, it should fit you.

I slipped it on in front of her, not feeling self-conscious anymore and woooo it feels soooo sexy.
I said.
I looked at myself in the Where in the bible does it talk about interracial dating mirror and said with two thumbs up using a wise guy tone of voice, Hey!

I would fuck that! Ya Cindy said Id fuck that to, and we both broke out into laughing hysterics.
We jumped into bed and under the covers.
I was lying on my back with my legs closed and stretched out straight.

The bed was so wide and large we where pretending that we couldnt see each other.

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