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She then took my clit into her mouth and started sucking on it harder and harder.
My climax was almost instant, cumming so Funny drug free phrases hard and soaking her fingers with my juices.
I slowly slid Jasons cock from my mouth and told him it was time for him to fuck Lacy. Blonde assholes lick dick load cumm on face

Lacy got onto all fours on the middle of the bed, Jason got behind her and started to slide his cock on her pussy and clit.
He slid his cock into her pussy and started to fuck her in a lazy slow rhythm, I laid down under them and took Lacys clit into my mouth and started sucking on it like she did to me.

I alternated between her clit and letting my tongue slide on the bottom of his wet cock as he slid in and out of her pussy Azurfairy free masturbation chat no email
After sucking on it and helping Jason bring her to a climax so big that it soaked Jasons cock and my mouth with her cum.

I slid down a little further to take Jasons balls into my mouth and gently suck on them and lick Lacys juices off.
Jason pulled out of Lacys pussy and told me to lick her cum off his dick so he could fuck me next.

I knelt down on the bed, Jason got behind me and slid a finger in my wet pussy, he told lacy to lay down in front of me.
As he was fucking me with his fingers he told me to lick Lacys pussy and make her cum again.

I bent down, nervous, slowly licking her pussy lips and then moving onto her clit licking it in lazy circles, causing lacy to moan and start thrusting her pussy into my face wanting more.
Jason was watching what I was doing to Lacy and getting even more turned on.

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