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It didnt start out that way; it started out with embarrassment, humiliation, and yes, anxiety; but, eventually, I think we all developed a crush on Miss Anderson.
She was a Midwestern farm girl of Scandinavian descent, with fresh face and blue eyes that went with it.

Her blonde hair was cut short, in a style that would come to be called a shag Abuse slap.
Her legs were curvy, strong, rippled with muscles; her Free online bdsm site stomach was flat; her breasts, nicely round and on the large size, jutted out above them; her butt was taut and firm, her hips wide enough to make the statement emphatic: this is a girl!

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We all loved just to see her walk, her boobs delectably bouncing, hips swaying, ass jiggling; or bent over, her boobs on view from the front, her fine butt, exposed even more by the lifting up of her swimsuit, from the rear; or even just standing there, clipboard in hand, leaning slightly sideways, the weight on one hip as she spoke to a nude boy and sometimes favored him with a smile.
She had a knockout smile, slightly mischievous; her lips would curl into something outright impish when she smiled broadly.

And doing so would show the dimples in her cheeks and make her eyes almost sparkle.
Sometimes we would nearly pass out when she came out of the pool after demonstrating a stroke.
The suit was of slight material, and we could see her nipples, often stiff; the outline of her pussy in the front, and the crack of her ass in the rear.

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