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Anal gate wide open.

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Master knew her body and what this does to her.
The heat started to build deep in her stomach, her pussy spasms getting longer each time.
The sound of a key made her stiffen Hot amateur italian housewives.

She heard the door open, his steady steps as he walked closer, and the sound of his breath filled her ears almost pushing her over the edge, testing her control.
The sudden touch of her Masters hand sent bolts of electricity right to her clit.

Robin pulled a gulp of air in her lungs as her stomach knotted tight.
Mmm… was the only sound she made.
Her tongue darted out of her mouth, moistening her lips as an image of his cock took over her mind when she heard the hiss of his zipper lowering.

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Robin slowly parted her lips as her Master rubbed the tip of his cock on them.
Robins bound wrists tried to reach for her Master.
His cock slowly entered her mouth, sliding deeper as she wrapped her lips around him.
He grabbed her by the hair, pulling her slowly away from his cock, teasing her.

Her eyes pleaded behind her blindfold and she whimpered, wanting more.
Master pushed his cock deep down her throat, making Robin gag, pulling back just as fast.
Robin took a deep gasp of air as his cock left her mouth.
Please, Master, shove it in harder…pleaseeeee, Robin begged him. Reasons to jerk off

He shoved his cock hard and deep, buried to the hilt in her throat, her mouth suckled his hard throbbing shaft hard.
Master held her tight for a second before pulling back out.
Robin sucked in a deep gulp of air and licked her lips.

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Anal gate wide open.