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What would you like us guys to do tonight? he asked.
I wanted to say fuck me, but of course I didnt want uncle Paul knowing my secret or Matts secret.
I said that we could think of something fun to do.

What time is the old mans curfew, I joked.

Ill show you an old man Tony, he said, right before picking me up and putting me over his head.
I didnt know that he was so strong.
I stood at about five feet nine inches, and weighed about one hundred fifty pounds, so I was no lightweight.

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I was dangling in the air above his head Hold penis peeing as if I were some ragdoll.
He held me up with one hand palming the top of my back and the other palming my ass.
Wow, you arent as old and weak as I thought, I joked.
He put me down and I almost died.

I noticed that in the midst of him picking me up, his dick had fallen through the hole of his boxers.
His dick was soft, but still as thick as his sons and about seven inches long.
That meant that his dick was probably Sexy thai masturbate cock cumshot the biggest dick Ive seen to date.

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