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After I left for college, she reconnected with some friends in the area and got her social life back.
I pulled into the parking lot about twenty minutes after the phone call and texted my mom: Hey, Im here.
Minutes later, she and Kristine stumbled out of the bar.

I got out and opened the passenger side doors for them.
Kristine climbed in the front and my mom got in the back and kind of laid down across the seat.
Pete, you have to take me home right now.
I dont feel well at all, my mom slurred from the back seat.

You can drop off Kristine after, but I have to be home A-S-A-P! Id never seen my mom this drunk so I glanced at Kristine Playful girls nude latins
Do you mind? No, not at all – she got into some kind of who can Celebrity gang bang take more shots with one of the other ladies.
Believe it or not – she won! Ha! Kristine replied.

Alright, mom, just hang in there.
Ill take you home right now.
I sped through our little town, hoping my mom would not get sick in the back seat.
I got home in record time and helped my mom out of the back seat and into the house.

After making sure she was fine, I went back out to the car and found Kristine looking through my center console.
And what do we have here? She said in a teasing voice, while holding up a glass pipe.
She sniffed the end and closed her eyes – like she was Wabcam heidelberg trying to place the scent.

Shit, Im busted.
I had packed it shortly before leaving to pick them up and decided it would be best to wait until after I picked them up to smoke a little weed.

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Ashlynne brook cum shot clip.