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Well you did have a good excuse, Joe chuckled.
Joe was happy that he did not have to fire Jim.
He was a good mechanic and never missed a day until yesterday.

The rest of the day went smooth for once.
All Big titties blonde pussy fingering free video 18 2018 the jobs were completed and delivered back to the customers.

At four oclock the shop phone rang.
Chapter Two At four oclock, the shop phone rang, Hello, Reynolds Automotive, Joe answered.
Hello, Joe.

This is Robin Harding.
I Sri lanka slut would like to make an appointment for the other repairs on my car, Robin said.
Sure, Miss Harding, when would you like to bring it in? Joe asked her.
Please, Joe, call me Robin.

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I was wondering if I could drop it off tonight and leave it there for tomorrow.
I need a favor also, if you dont mind.
Ill need a ride back to my house if it is possible?

She asked.
Sure, no problem at all, Robin, I can have one of my guys take you home, Joe said.
Can you drive me home?

I would be more comfortable if you did, Robin purred.
Yes, I can take you home.
When will you be here?

Joe asked.
I can be there in fifteen minutes, Robin answered.
About fifteen minutes after her call, Robin drove up.

As her car door opened, he saw her legs slide out of the car.
They looked golden brown in the afternoon sun.
Standing next to the car, Robin smoothed her white sundress over her nice tight ass.
Joe watched as she walked in the office.
She greeted him with her wide smile.

Joe raised his head up, looking straight into her eyes in her eyes, Good afternoon Robin.

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Asian medal tally 2006.