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Australian hustler magazine gold edition.

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In the mirror, I could see that they were touching and kissing, and I encouraged them as much as I could without leaving the road.
Once in the house, they took me by the hand and tugged me upstairs, not that I needed much encouragement, and undressed me quickly.

My cock sprang out and Jill fell to her knees to suck me slowly and deep, while Jane took off her dress and then she replaced Jill so that she could get naked as well.
She then joined Jane and Hot hookers batiscan the two of them worked on me, kissing and licking my balls, and sucking my cock alternately.

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The pressure of them on me caused me to shuffle backwards and I fell over the edge of the bed, and Jane climbed onto the bed to continue sucking, while Jill positioned herself under me to suck my balls and then to lick down to my asshole.
God, that felt good, and I had to clench my muscles hard not to cum immediately as her tongue probed into me.

I felt that now it was my turn Nude pictures mastribution to take some control, so I pulled away to open the bedside cabinet.
I found the cuffs and other toys that I had used with Jill that earlier weekend, and knew that Jill had put them there for us all to use.

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Australian hustler magazine gold edition.