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The thrusting motion is becoming greedy, both of us needing each other.
I grip him closer, I kiss him deep, and I grind my hips into him.
He plunges on, taking me for all that I am.

His raging cock thick inside me, I moan out, calling out his name.

I great shuddering, clenching spasms explodes in great sensation Nude free chats as I orgasm around him.
An uninhibited cry of satisfaction slips from his perfect lips, and shudders out my name.
I feel him release deep inside me, filling me with his sticky seed.

We lie under the light of the moon; slightly covered, knowing anyone could have seen us.
We cuddle close for the longest time, before dressing and going back to our room Boys piss jean porn
The Jacksons arent there and we fall asleep quickly.

The following day the captain makes his rounds, thanking everyone for coming.
When he makes it to us, he lets us know he saw everything the night before.
I blush immediately, but he lets us know it isnt the first time.
Hes seen it all.
He jokes with us a bit before moving on.

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Tony and I agree really dont care if anyone sees us, but do enjoy the closed door scene more.
Though if we ever have too, or dare too, we will do it again.
This week on our cruise has taught us a lot, and we couldnt be happier.

We go home happy! Written By Poppet: For LushStories ONLY! This is the second part of Robert and Julianas Parisian Surprise, written in collaboration with Alphamagus.

In order to properly understand the story, it would be best to read Part One before reading this.

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