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Thanks to the position of Sues leg and the flashlight Jim was using to illuminate the vital spot, everyone could see the big, white shaft slowly vanishing into her willing body.
Cindy thought it was the most incredibly erotic thing shed ever seen.

Their hips were almost touching when Sue let out a low moan, Oh, fucking yes.
A moment later, Tony was in all the way.
The impaled and her impaler lay together motionless and as one.
The first one to move was Sue, who carefully re-wrapped her legs around Tonys big body.

She put her hands on either side of his head and looked into his eyes, You can take me any way you want to now Elenahot18 porn bbw chat
I just hope Ill please you as much as you have me.
You already have, woman, replied Tony as he began a slow pumping motion.

Soon the two of them were hunching together with a steady rhythm.
Tony would increase his speed whenever Sue Lick ass women femdom started coming–and she came several times.
Once, when she seemed to take longer than usual to reach Top 10 webcam sites a climax, Tony reached behind her knees and lifted her legs up onto his shoulders.

With a scream that was a mixture of pleasure and pain, Sue experienced a long, shuddering orgasm.
Tony then laid her legs back down, let her recover for a moment before going back to his steady fucking.
Sue was panting and covered with sweat.

Shed fucked three other guys several times before Tony took over.
But as she told Cindy later, this was different.
At first shes worried he might split her in two.

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