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Why not, Sue said, this tables a sticky mess.
# Cindy had expected a hippie-style VW love wagon.
Instead, she got carpeting, curtains, a tape Twink asian boys deck, reclining captains chairs and a couch in the back.

Cindy sat up front facing the rear and watching the action.
While Tony drove, the other guys worked on Sue who occupied a fully reclined chair in the middle of the van.
From his spot on the couch in the back, Frank leaned over Sue, covering her face with upside down kisses.

Todd had completely unbuttoned her blouse and was kissing one boob while fondling the other.
Jim had already pushed up her short skirt, pulled off her bikini panties Find local women for sex in cedar park texas
Now he knelt between her outstretched legs and shoved one finger after another into her pussy.

The whole, erotic scene mesmerized Cindy.
Shed never watched anyone else making love, much less be ravished by three guys.
Of course, she hadnt planned on being a voyeur this time, but her chair had already been facing the back when she got in and everyone had been in Shaven pussy begs for cock a rush to get going.

Now she couldnt stop staring.
The van made a sudden swerve.
Cindy realized Tony had been paying more attention to the action in the van than to his driving—not that she could blame him.

I dont know where were going, but I hope we get there soon before you kill us all, she said with a nervous laugh.
Sorry about that, said Tony, glancing over at her with a sheepish grin.
Hard to concentrate with all that going on.

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