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How are you today? Robin replied, I am doing fine and how are you, Joe? Doing OK; one of my mechanics and his wife had a baby, Joe replied.

Give me one minute and I will take you home.

We will have to drive your car, unless you want to ride on the back off the bike.
Joe, I dont think I dressed for a bike ride, Robin chuckled, standing back so Joe could see how tight her dress was.

Joe walked out of his office, holding the shop door open Cams sexy so Robin could walk out Free cyber sex hookup in front of him.
Joe couldnt help but notice that she wore no panties under her dress.
He did notice an extra sway to her hips as she walked to her car though.

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Robin opened her car door, pressing the unlock button for the passenger door.
Joe settled in the seat, he could not help but look over towards Robin as she got in the car.
Her dress crept up her thighs exposing more of her tanned legs.

Joe could not get the image of his hand touching her thigh and letting it sit on her soft skin out of his mind.
How his fingers would slowly slide up her thigh, moving her dress higher, exposing more of her.

He felt his cock begin to stir in his pants as he imagined her thighs parting as his hand crept up closer to her pussy.
Joe shifted in the seat trying to get comfortable as her voice brought him back from his thoughts.
Ready, Joe?

Robin asked, flashing him a smile.
They made small talk on the drive back to her house.
Joe turned his head to her as they talked, noticing how her seat belt parted her breasts, pulling the dress tight around her round globes.

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