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Beth is moaning and thrusting against him.
He removes his fingers and slides the head of his cock up and down her slit.
Beth lifts her hips to make more contact.

He eases the head in.

Beth has never had her opening stretched like this before and it is just the head.
Rex takes is slow, easing his length in Beths tight passage.
And tight it is.
Ohhh… fuck Rex.
I love your big cock in my pussy.

She leans up so she can see the thickness stretching her out.
He takes short strokes just easing in a few inches Tifanyandbyan free live adult webcam chat
Rex stop.
Its too big.
I dont think it will fit.

Rex pulls out and positions her on her knees.
The couch is leather with low sides.
She rests her elbows on the arm rest with her head hanging over the side.

This leaves her ass elevated.
Rex positions himself behind her.
He takes in her delectable ass and strokes her while lining up his cock to her slick passage.

He eases in about halfway.
How does that feel? Is that better? Oh fuck yes.
God are you stretching me.
Dont stop.
Beth keeps moaning encouraging Denim model sex tape him to fuck her.
He keeps up the short strokes easing in his full length.
Her passage feels like a wet velvet glove.

Beth feels his pubic hair tickling Dating for singles her ass and knows he is almost all the way in.

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Bisexual married men chat.