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Blond in blue yoga pants buffalo rimmed sunglasses.

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Her hands gripped his biceps as his finger found all the right nerves inside her.
Youre going to make me cum.
Thats the idea, he whispered into her ear.

He continued with his manual foreplay for a few minutes, mixing his penetrating with massaging her swollen clit.
Her wetness had not only coated his hand, but was also starting to Latina pornstar thumblogger run down her thighs.

Andee clutched at his hand as Don masterfully worked her inside and out, drawing her closer and closer to her orgasm.
Don adjusted himself so he could slip in a second finger, stretching her pussy just a little wider.
Oh god, she moaned with this new sensation between her legs.

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Please … that feels so good.
As his fingers rhythmically slipped in and out, Don would drag his fingertips across the smooth muscle just inside her vagina, the glorious G-spot. Alissa violet cum tribute
With just the right amount of pressure, he could tell this was taking the gorgeous Canadian close to an orgasm.

Her breathing was getting deeper and he could feel her muscles contracting against his fingers as he stroked her G-spot a little harder.
As she grew to the edge, she began to whisper in his ear that she was about to cum.

Im close … oh fuck … so close … Don pulled his fingers out from the hot wetness and massaged her clit between his thumb and finger, which sent Andee into a complete body shiver.
Oh fuck, Im cumming, she panted over and over, her knees growing weak as she quivered through the orgasm.
Andee had intentionally denied herself the pleasure for a couple weeks before the trip, ensuring her cunt would be anxious to respond in such a way to his touch.

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Blond in blue yoga pants buffalo rimmed sunglasses.