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When we didnt hear anything, she began gyrating in slow circles.
My dick was massaging her the deepest parts of her.
She reached over and grabbed the black thong that started all of this.

She shoved it in my face and held it over my nose as she continued her gyrations.

Suddenly, it was sensory overload and I lost control.
In an instant, my balls tightened and my dick swelled up even more before I unleashed a torrent of cum inside of her.
My orgasm triggered Janices and she began shaking on top of me as I filled her with my hot semen.

As we both came down from our simultaneous orgasms, Janice leaned down and kissed me passionately Dubai dating romance
She raised herself off of me and my softening cock slid out of her.
She then took the thong she was still holding and wiped some of my cum from between her legs.

A little memento to remember this by
She whispered.
Without another word, she climbed off the bed and left the room, leaving me there in a state of complete satisfaction and utter disbelief.
I drifted off to sleep minutes later.

The next morning, I woke up wondering if had all been a dream but the dried juices on my morning wood told me Rich dad seek kirk yetholm horny sex that it had been reality.
I was terrified to leave my room, worried about the Sri lanka porn orgy awkwardness that might be waiting in the kitchen.

I packed my bags and eventually made my way out for breakfast.
Hey Matt, how did you sleep? Janice greeted me, sitting at the table drinking coffee with her husband and Jonah.

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Blonde chubby claire.