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She felt herself beginning to engorge, thinking about how it might feel.
Turning to her kitchen cabinets, she got out one of her best champagne flutes.
It was Reidel, and perfectly shaped for champagne, a house warming gift from her best girlfriend, Elaine.

OH my God, Elaine! She thought.
Elaine Girls masterbating at the table has just GOT to see this new cock.

No, cock isnt the right word.
All of the slang words for an erect penis suddenly flooded into her mind, Johnson, Willie, Cock, Pole, Wanker, Dong, dick Mature male male spanking
And suddenly she knew she would never be able to think of this as anything but a dick. Fantasy country dildo

Her dick.
Her very own dick.
She kept saying it over and over to herself, emphasizing first one syllable, then the other, then neither, MY dick! my DICK! my dick! IT became a sing-sing in her head.

, as she uncorked the champagne, and poured herself a glass.
She stood in the middle of the living room, and raised her glass to the heavens, Well, heres to the brand new engifuckingneer, she toasted, and took a sip.
Holding the flute in one hand, she picked up the phallus in her other.

It felt warm and soft in her hand, and she could feel herself becoming aroused, just from the feel of it.

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