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I gasp as the feather Porn xxx playboy pussy vagina glides along my ribcage, avoiding my swollen breasts entirely as it sweeps across my tummy and leaves.
I wait, youre teasing me, and I hate it.
The feather is on the sole of my foot suddenly and I jump.

You Seeking a naughty blonde for nsa chuckle in masculine amusement before continuing your erotic torture.
Teasing all but my breasts and aching pussy with the feather, taking your time and delaying each new touch longer than the last.
Please I moan out.

Please what? you ask, I tell youve cocked one of your brows and youre smirking slighty Mistral joker 2005
Though it irks me I know you want me to beg, and tell you exactly what I want.
Please touch me everywhere I manage to get out between gasps and moans as youve finally touched my aching breasts.

The feather is discarded and you leave the bed again.
I bite my tongue to keep from struggling to undo the blindfold and see where you are.

I jump as you pick one of my feet up, then relax as you start massaging it, sucking on a toe now and then as shock waves of desire and heat radiate through me, drenching my pussy with juice.
You finish with one foot and go to the other, repeating the eroticly stimulating massage.

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Cant ejaculate from anal.