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I grabbed the oils as Natalie lay face down on the table, allowing me to admire her red, lace-clad derriere.

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Gradually her body responded to my hands; moans of relief and pleasure escaped past her lips with every few glides of my hand across her body.

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I let my fingers just barely scrape the sides of her breasts a few times, sighs were her only response, and so I allowed myself to get bolder.
Standing in front of her, my hands glided down her back several times until I traced my fingers just beneath her thong; again she offered no protest to my exploration.

Standing back to her side, I slipped my fingers through the bands at her hips and gently pulled them over her bottom.
She hesitated slightly before lifting her hips to allow me to take them all the way off, her pink slit revealing itself to me in all its flowered glory.
When I asked her to turn over to do her front, she hid Best free fuck buddy nsa herself beneath her arms and hands shortly, before I gently moved them away and placed them at her sides.

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