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Pulling finger from the sleeve, I leaned forward, caressing her neck (which was flushed, like when she builds a climax in a more conventional way) and said Now was that so bad? No, she purred, you always know what I need.
Time for the next step, I said.

Oh yes she whispered in a husky voice.
I withdrew my hard, very hard, penis from her pussy and rolled a condom down it.
Ensuring a very tight fit at the tip, the semen pouch giving my penis a very pointed shape.

I removed the silicone dildo very slowly and placed my penis at her butt hole, lubricating the tip in the excess KY in that area.
I applied slight pressure, the pointed tip entering, but the head experiencing some resistance Multiple cum inside her tube
I was patient, my penis diameter is 1.

75 inches (40 – 45 mm), where the dildo was but 1 inch.
Lots of lube, slight pressure and a willing partner, and the head slipped through (making her gasp) I used the same patient insertion approach, lubricate the shaft, Scarlethunt xxx model push 5 mm in, and withdrew until the head stretched her anus ring outwards, then more lube and pushing a little further.

By the time I had all my 5 inches in, she was flushed and panting.
Now for the coup de grace.
I reached into my box of tools, found the finger vibe, attached it to my left middle finger and switched it on at medium speed.

Leaning forward, my body covering hers, I started to slowly pump my penis in and out of her tight, Blue lagoon brooke shields topless very tight anal channel, whilst my left hand reached below her stomach, middle finger stroking her pussy lips and clit.

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