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Cheating my girlfriend.

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Taking all of him deep and slowly pulling away, licking as I did.
Over and over until he suddenly shot a huge load, I almost choked! Funny man! No more surprises from you.
That was very good, I said, with a laugh.

But seriously, no more.
He was laughing.
Okay okay I get it.

I had to see if I could do it without saying anything.
Now you know.
We dried off, dressed and began to do some class work that was due Monday.

The afternoon passed, we made dinner and watched a rented movie.
We were both tired so we called it an early night.
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What to wear, what side of the bed, did he snore?

I always slept in a tee shirt so I got one of mine out and put it on, no panties.
He slept nude and thankfully did not snore! I woke up early Sunday morning.

He was on his back and his cock was hard as a rock, sticking straight up.
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I had heard of morning woodies and he had a great one.
I retrieved the lube, rubbed it onto my pussy and carefully climbed on top of him.

What a sound sleeper! I eased him into me until he was fully deep and I began to slowly move up and down.
After four or five strokes he opened his eyes.
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You little devil! Taking advantage of a poor sleeping guy.
You better hurry up and finish because I have to pee and I would hate for it to be in you! I did speed up and had a quick orgasm.
He jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

He was only gone a short time.

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Cheating my girlfriend.