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Christian dating for over.

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I cant remember the last time a straight guy went down on me on a first date.
He licks round the head and sucks Sexsuck1 spepma ru indir on the shaft.
I squeeze my thighs round his head and push my crotch forward, trying to press my prick deeper.

Obligingly, he eases forward until most of me is in his mouth.
Then to my horror I hear a whispering outside Yourstruly free naked women no sighn up the door, and it starts to swing open.
I find myself staring directly at a couple of girls who I remember seeing downstairs.

They get a full frontal of my bare tits, and the back of Harrys head buried between my thighs.
From their point of view, it must look as if hes performing cunnilingus on me 6sexynick6 webcam chinasex
I smile sweetly at them.
Could you just give us a minute? I say sweetly.

Hes nearly finished down there.
The girls giggle.
One of them seems to want to stay and watch, but her friend pulls her away and the door shuts again.

My erection hasnt been affected at all by this interruption, and in fact I can feel my orgasm starting to swell up.
Being interrupted was rather exciting.
Oh, thats it, Im going to come, I moan, by way of warning, in case he doesnt want my stuff in his mouth.

Harry lets my prick slip out but continues to pump away at the shaft.
Yes, yes, thats it, I gasp.
Then it happens, and I shoot my load.

The first spurt splashes onto Harrys nice white shirt, but he directs the rest of it down my thigh, thin translucent ropes of liquid.
My ejaculate is usually quite thin, but theres always lots of it, and it often shoots a long way.

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Christian dating for over.