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She had bought that bottle of wine on a whim.
The price had been more than she could afford, but when she sat for the exam last April, she knew that if she passed, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime achievement, and well worth celebrating with some really good bubbly; not her usual fare of eighteen dollar prosecco.

Knowing she had at least two hours to kill, while the wine Tucker tries butt sex chilled, she decided to go visit that new little boutique that had opened, around the corner from her apartment.
It had been open for three months, now, and she had been meaning to stop in, just to see what they had, but had just been too busy.

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It seemed to her that all she had done for the past six months was eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work until it had all run together and just become one big blur.
She loved her job; designing storm water management structures, especially wetlands and rain gardens was genuinely fun.

She felt she had the best of both worlds; she could design all the plantings, but didnt have Daddys kitten to actually put them in, or look after them.
But today was Friday; the weekend lay ahead of her.
Tomorrow would be the first Saturday in she couldnt remember how long, that she didnt have to go into the office.

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Chubby chicks dvd.