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ASShole! Tessa screamed as she punched Mike in the shoulder.
Daniel remained silent, seemingly still absorbing his most recent reality check.
Daniel, youre mom is very pretty, Tessa observed.

And shes a psychiatrist.
Ya Dude, your moms pretty fucking hot.
Daniel then lashed out, possibly suffering from incest-adjacent PTSD.

Are both of you going to fuck this one too? Are you? Mikes retort made Daniel smile, but he did wonder aloud what could possibly be next.

Not missing a beat, a smirking Tessa then replied, Would this be the wrong time to tell you Im late? Mike and Daniel laughed so hard, that they both fell out of their flimsy plastic Canadian Tire deck chairs and tumbled into the lake William gay artist
13 Wow.

My mother Dick avarage inch is a psychiatrist that specializes in abnormal behavior, Daniel smiled as he kicked water at Dr.
Gail while they sat next to each other on the dock.
I never knew that was your specialty.

Given the damaging exposure to this family, Gail laughed, It was the obvious choice, dont you think? She then splashed her son back.
And youve Lunas cam pussy been with me, my entire life.
You even taught me how to swim.
Im overwhelmed with what you and everyone did.
Thank you

Before Gail started crying again, she wanted to clarify something.
Daniel, I want you to understand what happened.
Your father was a kind and caring man, that loved you very much, but he was also a desperately lonely man.
He never re-married after Jenny passed.

Jack was understandably heartbroken.

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