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If only he could understand that.
Remiens arm going around her waist startled her.
She gasped when he began pulling her toward Zak.

He smiled, his green-gold eyes twinkling Wants for a relationship.
Hes not going to bite you, baby, Remiens deep voice chuckled.

His grin grew broader as he leaned closer to her ear.
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She stared at Zaks unsmiling face in trepidation.
His eyes blazed, staring light into hers and his lips were pressed tight. Viollahot anonymous sex chat and pics on mobile
He looked angry.
Her eyes welled making his brows draw closer together.

By the time Remi brought her right between Zaks spread thighs, her tears were already spilling down her cheeks.
She pulled her lower lip between her teeth and stared up at him wanting to throw herself into his strong arms and sob for forgiveness.

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