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Anne was looking at me questioningly as if to ask, Do you like the outfit? Anne stood before me dressed in a tight, black, three-quarter sleeveless top covered by little colored sequins.
The top stopped just above her belly button, leaving a sexy strip Jessica port charlotte cyber sex of her bare midriff to tempt me.

The band of bare skin also served to emphasize Annes slim waist, her flared hips and her firm ass as it widened out Filthy hot blonds facial
Further down her body, Anne was wearing an elegant pair of Henat porn tailored black linen shorts with a thin silver belt.

The shorts were cut to fit her very snuggly, but still had a sophisticated look, with a small tailored French cuff and four large front button details and small front pleats.
The tight top and the tailored shorts had the effect of emphasizing Annes breasts and her cute sexy butt as the main features of her athletic toned body.
Annes breasts looked firm and amazing, about 34B, but they seemed larger since her waist tapered and was perhaps only twenty-four or twenty-five inches.

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