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He bent down and kissed her – a kiss that melted her heart as well as her knees.
A kiss that caught her breath in her throat and made her pulse race.
A kiss for the ages.

Traci, I love you and I want you to stay here with me.
I want you to be my slut full time forever.
I want your submission and your heart.
Will you submit to me and stay here with me as my slut? he asked.
Yes, Mark! Oh yes!

Yes! Mark, I love you so much! I want to be your slut, your whore Sensual catfight
I want to serve you and be everything you want Need some pussy long beach in a submissive, she said sobbing with joy.
Well then I guess you should start calling me Sir again, then! he said.
Traci smiled and dropped down on her knees in front of him.

Yes, Sir Black direct dating! she said, happiness welling up inside her until she felt like she would bust wide open.
And so Traci found what she had been searching for – both in a man and a Dom.
Mark was the perfect Sir for her and taught her all the things she needed to know to be his perfect submissive.

He was a perfect Dom and a perfect lover.
Traci had never felt so happily complete.
A year later on the anniversary of their first meeting, Mark proposed and the two were officially married.

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Cosplay indigo white.