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All of those thoughts raced through Barbs mind between one note and the next as they turned to dance together.
The other woman was wearing a cut up t-shirt that barely covered her breasts.
Barb couldnt stop herself.

As the music instructed them to put their left hand in, Barb slid her left hand in under the loose fabric and palmed the other womans breast.
The other woman was all Dating site ul pentru rom nia smiles, but the song commanded left hand out.

Barb saw the unmistakable look of desire as the other woman lifted her chest in anticipation of the next left hand in.
Barb slid her hand in and the other woman shimmied her breast against Barbs hand as the song said shake it all about.

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The other woman stepped a leg between Barbs legs and held her close as the turned themselves around.
Their eyes were locked together, and Barb almost kissed the other woman.
The other woman pushed Barb into a half spin as the next verse started Adult text sex chat jobs for men online.

Barbs top was tight across her ribs, so it would have been hard to put the right hand in from the front.
But the other woman reached over Barbs shoulder from behind, and slid her right hand right in.
She caught Barbs nipple between her fingers, and Barb trembled as she danced.

The feeling was too intense and Barb forgot to shake it all about.
The other woman took care of the shaking by releasing the catch on Barbs top and flinging it away.
Barb turned and her eyes met the other womans eyes.

They both knew that this dance was not going to end here on the dance floor.

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