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I had to rid myself of all my facial hair again.
Im…so sorry, Sethaliel.
He stood taller, rolling his shoulders farther back.
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Well discuss this tomorrow.
For now, Go to Zak.
Hes waiting for you.
Seth stepped to the side, urging her toward the bar where hed been seated.

The group of raven-haired males had turned, and were now looking right at her Escort in san jose del guaviare
Their skin was pale and there golden eyes glowed strangely.
They parted away from the bar to reveal… Zak.
Alluna sucked in her breath at the sight of him.

He sat on a high stool looking regal.
His arms rested on the armrests and his sapphire eyes blazed into hers.
Pleasure shot up her spine as she took With sedating in his loose tresses streaming down his chest to his lap.

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