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The memory drives us forward.
We kiss deeply, but its controlled and rhythmic, telling us both that were ready for a lot more.
Were interrupted by a chorus of honks, and we break our kiss to notice that traffic has moved forward quite a bit.

Oh shit.
I laugh, and you giggle as I shunt it into drive, awkwardly jerking Single hot sexy girls on webcam chat the car forward.
Traffic seems to be moving a little faster now, but not nearly fast enough.

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You curl into me again, but this time you run your hand along my thigh instead, only stopping to sample the bulge you created.
You coo approvingly, rubbing my growing cock through my pants, and I lick my lips.
How far are we? you plead, and I genuinely Of some hardcore pantyhose movies babe dont know.

Cars are lurching along, bunching in between lanes and jockeying for opportunities.
I think I chose the wrong restaurant.
You dont seem to mind the traffic anymore though, fascinated by my arousal.

You wrap your little fingers around me and squeeze, urging me on.

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Creamy exotic.