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Dating someone ten years older.

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Eventually Anne turned towards me and introduced me to her father and Julie.
Without the Barstow sexy creme special slightest hesitation in her voice Anne said, Actually Dad, John was telling me about the Japanese Restaurant here at the resort.
He says its fantastic.

You know how much I LOVE Japanese food.
Why dont we all go together? Annes father frowned deeply, as he glanced in my direction.
Im sure David had no wish to have an older male outsider intrude on his time with his new foxy wife.

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Looking more sternly at his daughter, David said that he had already made a booking for the Balinese dancing show.
Anne met her dads frown with an even deeper pout of her own, as only a teenage girl can pout.
Fuck, she looked so cute, with that faux pout plastered across her face.

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I could tell Anne was totally playing with her father and I almost started to laugh, she was such an amazing little actress.
David looked in my direction pleadingly as if I would help him with his predicament by prodding his daughter to go along with her fathers wishes.

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Dating someone ten years older.