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Our hips rubbed and my hard cock pushed against Annes hips and pubic bone.
There is no way Anne wouldnt notice the effect she was having on me and my bodys reaction to her sexy dancing.

After three slow dances, Anne pulled me back to our booth and we sat close together on the maroon velvet padded bench.
Anne reached up and put her hand around my neck and pulled my mouth to hers.
We started to make out, something I hadnt done in a club for years.

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If I was surprised by the sexual hunger in Annes kiss I didnt let that last long as I sought to respond to her heat.
It was so erotic just kissing this girl, her mouth so hungry for mine.
We shared long soft kisses alternating with deep passionate lustful kisses.

I lightly kissed and nibbled on Annes neck; her shoulders; I sucked her lower lip into my mouth and played with it.
Annes tongue probed Stockings high heels cum and became more aggressive, pushing deeper and deeper into my mouth Ladylucky nude underwear male models.
Our tongues played with each other in a tangle of need.

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