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Nuns have supersonic hearing.
Daniel anticipated a repeat of past lake-echoing, thunder storms to mask his ravenous attack.
Tessa anticipated too.

Her scent was as loud as thunder.
Once she was gagged, Daniel spun around but remained seated on her ass.

He slid his hand between her cheeks until it found the wet cotton patch between her thighs.
Tessa shivered with his first touch, and again as he followed the moist line between her folds.
Her ensuing moan was music to his sexually starved ears.
This was nothing like their FaceTime rub and tugs.

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As desperate as he was to fuck her, Daniel took his time.
He had planned this evening since his plane flew over the Atlantic.
It was Seeking quinhagak mature woman adult quinhagak man 58 a glorious gift from his grandfather, and a time well spent with his father, but he missed Lori20 sunny leone webcam talking video freer the touch and feel of his girlfriend.

He knew Tessa would also be in need of a good fucking.
He wanted their reconnection to be special.
It didnt get much better than this.

Daniels own engorged discomfort remained restrained, but he continued sliding his finger along Tessas slit, now torturing both entrances by keeping the fabric in place.
And with each pass, he pressed a little harder, with both knowing that she couldnt be properly penetrated until he removed her panties.

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Dirty male masturbation story.