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James was dressed in the usual brocade robe with gold and embroidery around the edges.
She held the chair for her master to set down.
Then she sat down across the table from him.

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She was careful to keep her knees shoulder width apart.
She held her back straight and looked straight ahead Llong gay tubes.
It was a display of public submission to her master.
Her eyes were affixed to the table before her.

James ordered a white wine.
Sherri waited for her master to nod that it was permissible to drink, before she picked it up and put it to her lips.
She kept her eyes fixed on the table.

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He could clearly easily see Sherris smooth slick cunt and skin illustrations on her legs and thighs.
He carefully noted that Sherri kept her back straight and that she sat on the first six inches of her chair.

I have something to tell you, master, Sherri said, averting her eyes.
Tell me.
My husband, Steward, saw my beautiful skin illustrations.
What did he say? He loves them.
He became very aroused by them.

I saw that he was aroused.
I suggested that he masturbate.
He did.

I told him that you are my master.
What did he say? He was in complete acceptance.
Sherri said.
Tell him that you will allow him to clean your body after our rendezvous.

Yes, master! But I want to keep your precious semen inside me.
Tell him to only clean off the outside.
Do not allow him inside your body, James said.
Yes, master.

Im ready to leave now, James said.

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Domination boost team tactical.