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Living in a college town and a small town at that, doesnt help Vassacccpvass usa free sexchat com the situation either.
So when I first saw New friend today 29 wheatland 29 you at the rest area, I started to think about my masturbation fantasies and I considered the idea.
Driving in the car and watching you today had my mind going crazy.

I never expected to ever be with another woman or a young girl for that matter until I met you and then I saw a possibility.
Thats an amazing story! I said When did you first think of seducing me?

I asked.
Well after we met at the rest area and I asked you if you wanted to stick together, at that point I wasnt even thinking of seducing you.
Not then.
Not until we were on the road again driving and in my minds eye I began to explore the possibilities.

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I tried to set up scenarios that would put us in a situation.
You wouldnt believe what this mind of mine thinks of! You have no idea how wet I was thinking of you while I was driving Rose.
Cindy said.
I had no idea what to do or where to even begin.

Ive never seduced a woman before, Cindy explained.
I thought you were hitting on me in the restaurant today, I said, because you were open me and all the compliments you gave me that maybe I you wanted to get into my pants.

Rose I thought for sure you had done this sort of thing before especially when you went along with sharing a room with me for the night.
Cindy explained.
I was hoping that maybe, just maybe you might even make the first move.

I was very uncertain if I should even try anything in case you were disgusted with the whole idea of a woman, an old perverted woman coming onto you, I didnt know what to think Cindy said.

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