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Youre going to fucking spoil me for cock, she growled, holding him deep inside her by squeezing her pubic muscles.
Don looked down at the beautiful brunette underneath him.
Her deep brown eyes were filled with a look of delight and sexual heat, which turned him on even more.

This was the kind of moment he had often fantasized about since the time he fucked her in Chicago.
Don began his masterful technique of using his cock to torment her pussy.
Andee was filled with a wild lust as he pumped in and out of her.

She couldnt control the grunts and moans Milfs juicey pussy that escaped from her as he used all nine inches on her cunt Old hot mom mature porn
Fuck me, Don … fuck me hard with that huge cock, Andee purred.
Don drove himself as deep into her as he could.

Andee could feel his heavy balls slapping at her ass with each thrust.
She knew when Don would finally cum it was going to be a huge puddle between her thighs.
She grabbed his ass and pulled herself against his body each time his cock slid into her cunt.

The leverage allowed her to feel the rigid flesh of his dick rub across her still-tingling clit as he did, adding an incredible sensation to the Mask to mask i need a huge or uncut cock already hot experience.
Andee hooked her legs around Dons calves to give herself more leverage to meet his thrusts with her own.

Oh god youre huge, she moaned as she buried her face into his shoulder again.
I think I can taste you in the back of throat … its so big … so fucking big.
Don picked up his pace as Andee moaned and wiggled with each downward thrust.

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Erotic massage therapist.