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When you finally reach the head, your tongue twirls around me before you sink back down again.
Soon youre Free personal adult cams bobbing up and down on my cock, blowing me slowly and deliberately like you always used to.

I manage to find an exit after a few minutes of this, and Im driving desperately as you swallow every inch of my cock.
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Thrilled, I tap your shoulder and you look up from your task.
Im going to get us a room, okay? You nod approvingly, watching me with hungry eyes.
You go back to stroking my cock, faster and more urgently than before.

Please hurry… you beg, I want you to fuck me.
You moan deliciously as you say this, music to my ears.
Please fuck me, I need it, you beg again, giving my cock another teasing lick.

I cant take my eyes off you.
Please baby, Im creaming, you gasp, squeezing me once more.

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