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Sated by our massive orgasms, both our hips ceased moving and I gently cradled Annes warm body in my arms.
I reached down and pulled the thin cotton sheet over our sweat covered and now cooling bodies.

The distant sound of the softly lapping Balinese ocean waves outside the balcony window provided the gentle background music as our bodies floated down from our ecstatic sexual high.
I felt my thankful body next to Annes, my cock still inside her beginning to shrink already and I began to delicately stroke her long dark hair and her beaming happy face.

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Annes face was glowing and her eyes were gazing at me clearly a bit stunned and overwhelmed by what we had just done.
This wondrous young angel had selected me to share this unique experience with Hasmik dating and I knew it was my responsibility to show her how grateful a man could be in repaying Yayita1 tenn chat sex her for this precious gift.
I slowly stroked her back and her hair and kissed Anne lightly and whispered how beautiful she was and how special our lovemaking had been.

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Extremely black ebony babe.