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Rogers legs hung over the Iso japan independent sexy smart woman edge of the bed as Karen crawled on top of him.
She hovered over him, full breasts above his face, and reached back to encircle his cock in her fingers.
Roger sucked one long, fat nipple into his mouth, rolled it over on his tongue, and heard her moan.

She was delicious.
He had never been with a woman who knew what she wanted like this.
Rogers hands found the elastic of her panties and began to slide them over her round cheeks.
Fuck that, she said sharply, sitting up and pulling the crotch of her undies to one side.

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You can undress me later.
Right now… Holding his shaft firmly, Karen centered her pussy over his bulbous head.
He could feel the warmth of her slick entrance.
Suddenly, she drove downward, taking him into her in one motion.

Aghhhh! Karen leaned on his chest with straight arms and pumped furiously with her pelvis.
Roger tried to return with upward thrusts but the release of sexual frustration seemed to accord her super human strength.

She pounded him into the mattress.
He felt the Swingers la barossa ripple of her muscles and the deep heat of her body as she fucked his hard cock with crazed abandon.

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