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However, he did have trouble keeping eye contact with her.
Given the affection Charles had for my girlfriend, it may not have been wise for her to fuck him.
Ally shoved her nose into my body and pushed my balls into her mouth with her fingers.

My first Separated looking for sex thoughts when I woke that morning had been arousing visions of Ally.
Now that she was intent on getting me off, there was no need to imagine.
It was all natural desire with Ally.
She wanted my balls in her mouth, and my dick shoved right to the back of her throat.

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When Janice had Charles distracted in conversation, I tapped Ally on her temple to get her attention.
She looked up at me, with nearly all of my dick still in her mouth.
I mouthed instructions to her which made her attempt to smile.

That look is one of my favorites, when a stiff dick prevents a woman from smiling normally; There are gaps where her lips lose contact with your dick, but can still see the smile in her eyes.
Before long, Ally started pumping my dick with her face.

The downward stroke brought the head of my cock to the Blonde pornstar lilly banged by tatooed pornstar back of her throat.
Brief gags barely disrupted her pace.
The pair next to me let their conversation drop to watch Ally perform.

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Fat kissing.