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Not drunk your coke? I asked innocently.
My mother in law followed me into the toilet for a chat, girl to girl, she hissed.

I could hardly stick a bottle of coke up my fanny and flush youre cum out of me with her in the next cubicle could I? I smiled.
If this room wasnt full of people I would hit you.
If this room wasnt full of people I would be fucking you against that wall again, I answered.

You have done enough damage for one day.
Im probably pregnant already.
Our kids were tired and Liz decided it was time to leave; as On line dating guide I shook Barrys hand and congratulated him, then gave Tina a hug and a peck on the cheek.

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You can kiss her properly if you want now that shes all mine, Barry told me.
Barry tried to give Liz a big playful kiss while I gave Tina a full kiss on the lips; I let my eyes tell her she would never be all Barrys, she smiled.

Kids bundled into the car, seat belts on we set off, within 10 miles two tired children were asleep; Liz turned around to check them; then her hand moved across to my crotch.
Im going to give you a nice blow job as you drive, the way I used to.

Liz hadnt done anything like that for years and now when its offered my cock was smeared with her friends cum.
No Liz, for one thing the kids might wake up and secondly we risk and accident and its not just you and me these days.
She sat back Cute ponce looking for date to the ball in here chair dejectedly and said nothing; a bad sign; when the hand touched my arm gently.

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Fat women dating.