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Fist bump meaning.

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Rex compliments what great legs she has and runs one of his hands down her length, commenting out how firm she feels.
Between Rexs touching and the wine, Beth becomes more relaxed.
That feels good.

I like you touching me, even my ass.

Your husband told me about your sex life after I hit one you.
He told me about your cute pussy and how you keep it trimmed.
He even told me how wet I made your pussy and how you like sucking.
He said you asked about our sex life.

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Im sorry Beth, but this is not working. Japanese after fisting
Talking about your pussy and how you like sucking is making my cock harder than it was.

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Beth looks back at his erection.
She is shocked.
His cock does look like it has gotten even bigger.
Beth is flustered.
She tells him she feels responsible but doesnt know what to do.
She knows she should give him some relief.

She tells him again she is happily married, her speech becoming almost rambling.
Rex puts a finger to her lips, Shhh.
I know you want to help.

Why dont you just touch me through my pants.
That wont be any different than leaning into you.
She is very aroused after looking at his big cock and Rex touching her.

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Fist bump meaning.