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When they were away from their corporate domain they could do whatever they wanted.
If the truth were known most of them just wanted a fuck and get back to making money.
It was just after seven when he walked through the door.

After pulling up a stool at the end of the bar and lighting a cigarette he casually sipped his drink, watching the accountants trying to impress each other with meaningless predictions, mathematical statistics and endless corporate nonsense.
A fleeting glance around the room, the boredom of accountancy fading into insignificance, the Huge pussy and best tube adult acquaintance of perfection momentarily caught in his peripheral vision, a beautiful and stylish woman sitting on a stool at the opposite end of the bar smoking a long black cigarette and sipping a cocktail, deep in conversation with a smartly dressed handsome man, the fast talking, over-confident Don Juan working his charm, trying his best to get into her knickers.

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A captivating smile and dark penetrating eyes, raven hair falling in loose curls over her shoulders, shapely breasts and dancers legs, a long split up the side of her skirt betraying just a trace of bare flesh at the junction where stocking tops meet suspenders.
Her smiles were forced and unconvincing, the uneasiness in her response to his familiarity negative and uncomfortable, the flirtatious and calculated smiles in his direction hinting that Don Juans time was slowly running out.
The cocksure Casanova was heading for the door when a waitress Blonde stewardess suck delivered a bottle of wine to her table, compliments of the man at the end of the bar, the gesture acknowledged with a friendly smile, the acquaintance providing the opportunity for introductions.

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