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Was to jerk off.

As much as he was enjoying the blow job he was getting in the front seat of his car, it only made him anxious to get into her hotel room and down to some more serious fucking.
As soon as they were in the hotel elevator, Don pressed Andee against the side wall and kissed her aggressively.

With one hand he held her arms above her head – not like she was resisting anyway – and slipped his other hand under the hem of her short dress.
Andee let out a slight moan as his fingers rubbed her pussy through her panties.

She could feel a sense of urgency in his sexual touch, which only served to make her already moist cunt wetter Chatonlinesex gratis
Just as she wished he would slide a finger under the leg band and into her, the elevator came to a stop.

She practically dragged her friend down the hallway to her room and fumbled with the card as she tried to get the door open as quickly as possible.
As they entered her hotel room, Andee playfully forced Don onto the bed, straddling his lap as he fell onto his back and resumed kissing him.

She reached down to his pants and undid the belt around his waist and pushed his zipper open.
Lets skip the niceties and get down to business, she growled.
It wasnt the most romantic moment between them, as she struggled with his pants, but she wasnt Dating my daugher interested in wasting any more time.

Andee shuffled back so that she was Girls to fuck in faroe islands oh between his legs and pulled his pants and underwear down.
She took his large cock in her hand and started to stroke him back to a full erection.

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Fling on sex dating.