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She rolled onto her back.
Eyes closed, she slightly parted her legs, making room for a hand to stroke between them.
She was already wet and she eased fingers between her lips.

Her pussy was slick with desire and, rolling her hardened clit between fingers and thumb, she moaned softly, her eyes still shut.
Nigella was in the moment: Simon was there and his fingers, not hers, pushed inside.

One, then two fingers slid into her and, expertly finding the g-spot, she came quickly with a shudder and a long groan Xmaria webcam girls without sign up
Slowly and contentedly opening her eyes, she was stunned to see an iced fruit cocktail on the table next to her lounger.
Andrew, she called out, did you bring me this drink?

No, he said from the bedroom.
I got room service.
Simon brought them over a little Big dicks tranny girls while ago.

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He was out there a while so I thought you were chatting.
Nigella laughed, embarrassment mixed with lust.
She knew Simon had stood watching her and she was excited about the possibilities that had just opened up.

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