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At long last the creak of the door announced the arrival of the second man in the guessing game.
Her eyelids fluttered open to catch him staring, eyes tracing Femdom artwork galleries the path of her fingers as they worked their magic on her body.

For extra effect, she slipped two fingers inside her opening and moaned as she rubbed the front wall.
Scott moved forward a few steps, arousal evident even in the way he stood.
Come here, Kayla Thin interracial whispered huskily.

Scott obeyed, stopping just in front of her so that she could see him between her splayed legs I want sex in jersey city tenn
Now take off your clothes.
It seemed that she only had to blink and all of his clothes were in a pile on the floor.

Next, he reached out to touch her breast but she shifted away.
No, she said sharply.
And then more softly, First you must watch.

Only once I come can you have me.
Kayla enjoyed the frown that turned down his eyebrows as she picked up the speed of her fingers, bringing about another little moan through her lips.
As she continued her little show, Scotts hungry eyes never left her.

He shifted from foot to foot in clear impatience, his own hand rubbing his length almost without thought.

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