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When the impulse passed, she noticed her fingers and lips were almost touching.
Returning to the top of the long dick Naked shower sex bouncing, she took several deep breaths and plunged down.
The shaft raced past her lips and teeth as the head rushed towards the back of her mouth.

For just a moment, it pressed against the opening to her throat, then it slipped inside.
Even as she struggled not to gag, Cindy felt a sense of excitement and accomplishment.
At first, she stayed still and relished the incredible sensation of that giant cock encased inside her mouth and throat.

Only when Tonys body twitched did she start slowly pumping her head up and down Korneliya usa xxx live video
Runners may have victory laps Angela_folly webcam chat wit xxx girls, she thought triumphantly, but Im taking my victory strokes.
Several such victory strokes later, she realized with satisfaction, that her lips could now reach past her first finger.

Of course, there was still a lot of Tony between her lips and the bottom of his broad shaft.
Just as she began to think about trying to take the whole thing, Tony let it be known he had other, much more pressing concerns.

His hips began to quiver and hunch while he moaned and tossed his head from side to side.
With a twinge of regret, Cindy let most of the shaft let from between her lips and began to suck and swirl her tongue around the bulky head.

Tonys legs went stiff; his body shook and the cockhead somehow became even bigger.
Cindy pumped her head up and down the thick shaft, forcing the head back into her throat each time she reached the bottom of her stroke.

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