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Im sure I made him cum at least twelve times that night.
He fucked me doggie style, we both gave each other oral sex and I rode him cowgirl style, she snickered.
Im sorry, I dont mean be blunt like that.

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I stayed quiet for a few seconds and blinked a couple times.
It is alright, Kandace.
Im more confused that you are okay talking to me like that.

What, were friends, arent we? I guess, but not close friends, though.
Okay then.
Maybe we can become closer, she suggested, calmly leaning towards me Free chatting free sing in and free txting sex
She stopped about a foot in front of me and just stayed there without saying a word for a moment.

She scanned the front of my body.
You are quite sexy too.
Holy shit, she is making my cock hard now, I thought, casually covering my crotch with my hands.
Did you have something in mind, Kandace? Maybe you could give me a massage, I would surely appreciate it.

I could do that for you, I answered slowly.
Thank you, she said before she smooched my cheek before she got off the couch.
Do you have a massage bed? she pondered before she Skinny girls naked butt took off her tank top.
My eyes just widened as I got sight of her breasts.

Wow, I can see her tits and they are exquisite.

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