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Oh fuck, I say, flapping at the front of my dress, the crudity slipping out.
Still, at least its cool.
That gives him the perfect excuse to Sexy chat introductions stare at my tits again, which he does for longer than strictly necessary.

I glance down at his crotch.

I cant see much of a bulge, but that doesnt mean there isnt something there, tucked neatly away.
Small and soft can easily turn into big and hard, in my experience.
Theres a bit of an awkward pause.

Im starting to think Ill have to make all the running, when he Elyaelya sissy webcam chat blurts out, Dyou want to dance, then? No, I dont.
I want to fuck.
But if I leave it up to him, my itch might remain unscratched Mailroom hollywood history from the bottom up
I dont really like this music, I say, And its too loud.
Why dont we find somewhere quieter?

Upstairs maybe.
I dont even give him chance to answer, just take his hand and drag him out of the kitchen, through the sweaty heaving mob in the front room and into the hall.
Theres already a couple snogging on the staircase, but I push past them with a brusque excuse me.

Ive already worked out where Im going, having got lost earlier while looking for the loo.
Theres a locked room, then a cupboard, but past that is the bedroom thats been designated as the cloakroom.
I just hope nobodys beaten me to it.

Its empty.
I pull him in, and kick the door shut.
I put my arms around him.
Hello, I say, My names Mandy.
Im Harry, he says, smiling.
At least hes got the message now.

Now weve been introduced… I open my mouth and pull his face down against mine.

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